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A hermaphrodite is a human born with both male and female genitalia. Being born with both sexes gives hermaphrodites powers that include but are not limited to:

Superhuman strength - they have two to three times the strength of an average adult human; hermaphrodites have been known to go into a blind rage rending all normal humans limb from limb. Their abnormal strength gives them the Hulk-like ability to make giant leaps into the air carrying great distances, however, this ability is not usually needed due to the next superpower.

Flight - the close proximity of both male and female organs creates a magnetic field which (when focused) can cancel gravity; this allows the hermaphrodite to soar through the air like a bird or a fairy; because of the latter, this nickname has erroneously given to homosexuals who are not able to fly unless given the right circumstances (i.e. fairy dust actually being present)

Water retention - hermaphrodites bodies can absorb vast quantities of liquid; this quality is what prompted the makers of Shamwow to use hermaphrodites as the main ingredient in their product

Invisibility - there are many more hermaphrodites than were first assumed; this confusion stemmed from their ability to make themselves invisible; in fact, they are all around you, just reach out, one might be standing right next to you.

Hermaphrodites in history:
Most of the feats of the various Greek heroes can be attributed to hermaphrodites. Once thought to be the progeny of gods, they were actually discovered, through forensic science, to be hermaphrodites. Hercules, Achilles, Perseus - all hermaphrodites.

Dealing with Hermaphrodites in Modern Times:
Dealing with these omnipotent and omniscient superbeings in everyday life can be disconcerting. It is important to note that you should never look them directly in the eyes. This will anger them and they will then proceed to tear you apart. Also, they have superhearing so do not speak of them aloud. Fortunately, hermaphrodites are illiterate and are unable to read this entry.